Why visit a psychotherapist? I have friends to process things with, and they are a great support. Sometimes family is good, but at other times, it might be better to not involve them. When you see someone as a counselor, a psychotherapist, you get another point of view, and someone who is absolutely dedicated […]

The Tide of Change

How do we know when it’s time for change? It’s the still small voice that is persistent, if you listen. It’s that gentle nudge that let’s you know something may be at bay. It’s a feeling, a sense, a voice, and maybe it’s in the knot in your stomach. “Some changes look negative on the […]

Summertime Blues

We are into a new season! What does summer mean to you?  Summer is sometimes associated with vacations, time off from September – May routines, and often a less rigid daily schedule. This is particularly true for many children. We may think of warm breezes, picnics, fireworks, baseball, watermelon, swimming, and sunshine. For some, it […]


Sometimes the world just seems so complicated. Today a woman I saw shared that she was so cluttered in her thoughts she couldn’t think straight. It can help to take a moment for a slow breath in and out to calm ourselves, and then think of something positive. Below is an example, but you may […]

Naptime for Nourishment

This blog is an attempt to post some nuggets I might share with those who come to my office for my private practice in therapy and counseling. Many of us are influenced by a culture which places a high value on productivity. In this life, it’s important realize the differences in time and place, and […]